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About Me

About Me

Put over two decades of human resources experience to work for you.

And it gets better: a lot of that time was spent as a practicing attorney. So, on top of my experience writing about human resources matters, I spent years working on persuading my readers to adopt my client’s perspective – a great skill to have in writing content.

As a lawyer, I represented major corporations as well as individuals. But my sweet spot – the majority of my business clients and my favorites by far were small business owners. From litigation claims to employee manuals, business transition to benefits strategies, my clients turned to me for advice on how to manage the many, complex issues in human resources. Over the many years, I learned that every employer has human resources issues, so help and information is always in demand. And I know how to provide it.

But I didn’t just represent small businesses, I ran my own. Even though I was a lawyer, we weren’t big enough to have our own HR Manager. Instead, like most small business, I wore “human resources” as just one of many hats. For us, any investment we made in human resources solutions represented a significant capital expense. I understand how significant human resources questions are to small businesses, and I also know how small business owners think.

So how did I get into copywriting? It started with my own website and my client needs. Over the years, between blog posts, and client advisories, I found that I really enjoy writing to engage readers and convey information. I began taking on copywriting work as a natural extension of this writing. I love the challenge of conveying a clear, concise message on behalf of my clients – a message that persuades the reader.

My family lives in Washington, DC, and when I’m not sitting at my keyboard, I enjoy outings with my dog Bennet and tootling around the City on my electric bicycle.

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