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When running a business, the work of maintaining a blog can get exhausting. Before you even get to the challenge of writing the blog, you have to come up with engaging, fresh topics. One great topic is the “Dream Client.” Here are three ways to go about it.

Create a list. If you had a dream client or customer, what five things would that client have already decided before they even meet you? Write advice and suggestions on things like budget, scope, and other types of information you’ll need to provide the best product or service to the client. Treat the list like a detailed intake form, and you’ll tell your readers a lot of information about what it takes for you to shine.

Case study. With a client’s permission, write about a great experience you had with a client, and explain why the experience stood out. This post gives you an opportunity to solicit feedback and a possible testimonial from a client, which increases the value of the post.

Buyer Persona. An old copywriting trick is to create the persona of your ideal reader and write to convince that reader. For the Dream Client blog post, you take the idea one step further. Write about the sort of person or business you want to work with. Include things like industry and location. Careful with this format: you don’t want to pigeonhole your business!

The Dream Client topic can be updated or refined based on different or new products and services that you offer. It doesn’t need to be a long post, but it is the sort of content that increases brand awareness in a meaningful way.