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When running a business, the work of maintaining a blog can get exhausting. Before you even get to the challenge of writing the blog, you have to come up with engaging, fresh topics. A great blog post is the Deep Dive.

Do a “Deep Dive” into a product or service you offer. Your website should include pages describing what you sell. But a Deep Dive takes the basic description one step further. You can use a case study or hypothetical examples of how a client can use the product or service. Give greater detail about any varieties like scope or size that can be customized to the client need.

In a Deep Dive you can interview clients about their experience. Ask your clients why they chose the particular product or service. Be sure to find out and explain how you were able to add value to their lives or their business. These interviews should be in depth, and you should be able to get a great quote for your testimonial page in the process.

Use the Deep Dive to explain why you offer the product or service. How does it fit into your business strategy, your vision and your mission? The Deep Dive gives you an opportunity to remind your readers about these important issues.

Remember, no blog is complete without some sort of “ask.” In the case of a Deep Dive, you can suggest that your clients explore the product and services page and identify a contact to provide further information..