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Content Marketing That Hits The Mark

Manuella Hancock
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On Target

What I Do

Expert Translation of Ideas

A concept can only be shared or implemented when it is properly communicated to others. Brand identity, thought leadership or value proposition – each requires a content marketer who can accurately convey your message.

On Target Communication

You cannot afford to miss an opportunity to reach your audience. You want to hit that sweet spot every time. I help fine tune your message for maximum results exactly where you need them. 

Elegant Corporate Copywriting

Words are a music of their own and business communication needs to strike the right chords with content marketing that is smooth, seamless and harmonious. I orchestrate communication that does just that.

Communication Strategy

Good communication doesn’t simply fall into place. You need a big picture point of view that brings your overall messaging in line. I work with you to create a long term messaging strategy. 

I Help Build Bridges Between Customers
& Businesses

What a business wants its customers to know isn’t always what they hear. The wrong word or awkward sentence can completely alter your message. With increasing interaction between your business and your customers, making certain that each contact is directed appropriately is essential in this age of social media and information overload.


I help you talk the talk of your customers and close the gap between your communication goals and the customer standing at the finish line. Whether I am creating new content or polishing existing work, I keep an eye and ear towards meeting your needs for solid customer relationship communication.


Why Use a Professional?

Writing Consistency

Having a consistent voice is important to maintain a professional image. From website content to emails, newsletters, blogs, social media, press releases or case studies, conformity keeps your message on point.

Industry Knowledge

Professional content marketing requires knowledge of keywords and touchpoints that make your message relevant. A professional content marketer will research and create content that is appropriate for your category or industry.

Copywriting Samples


Portfolio One Sheet Assignment




About Me

Thank You for visiting my website. I have always been passionate about working with business clients, helping relate their story in writing. For 20 years, I practiced law, representing clients in transactions, negotiations and litigation. I learned to listen carefully to understand and translate my clients’ position. That advocacy is a lot like the work I now do for my content marketing clients. I take pride in helping my clients present themselves to existing and potential customers, using clear, concise and engaging language. I approach each writing or editing assignment as an opportunity to introduce my client in the best possible light using language that reaches the target audience.

I have written for businesses ranging from solopreneurs to multinational corporations, but I have particular expertise writing for professional services firms, as well as the construction, design and human resources industries. I approach each client with a profound respect for preserving and enhancing their reputation, and I view each writing assignment as an opportunity to do just that. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you to market your business.




“Our firm has partnered with Manuella on multiple web content development projects, specifically for law firms. Her ability to capture the client's voice, services, and compelling messaging is exceptional. Manuella's legal background is instrumental in connecting with the client and truly developing content around legal issues and topics that many content developers miss. It is a pleasure and a joy to work with Manuella.”

Kelly McLaughlan – CEO KME.digit

Manuella is an imaginative and articulate writer. She has the unique ability to deliver the key points in a strategic way that connects. She can turn a mundane, fact-based blog into a compelling story. I highly recommend Manuella!

Stacy Maguire – Owner & Creative Director of Eyedea Advertising & Design Studio

“Manuella can help businesses grow in SO many ways, and I recommend you speak with her to see how she may be able to best assist you. Whether it's newsletters, blog posts, books in the making or anything in between, she has a diverse background of clients and it's been amazing to see her help them take their communication to the next level! She also has some incredibly talented partners and can help you streamline your marketing and communication by best utilizing them as well, whether it be in print, design or web media.“

Monica Archondo – Dreamer & CEO Sweet Signatures 

“Manuella worked with me to create client outreach materials. She listened carefully to my parameters and voice and delivered fantastic content that captured exactly what I was looking for. I would recommend her for all your content marketing needs!”

Daya Naef


Hit The Target You Aim For!

Whether your target audience is an external client or a customer or your employees, the message you DO send needs to be the message you WANT to send. Hiring a professional does just that. Target your message so it hits the mark.

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